Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shout Out Love

Today I wanted to give a shout out to all of our fans, customers and followers. Without all of you great people we would not have the following we have today. We are still a tiny business and can not afford much in the advertising. We rely on all of you to share and pass out our business cards. Our advertising is basically word of mouth and without all those who share us we would not be here today.

We have been working on making Gemstone pendants these will be added over the weekend to our website. Here is the basic information:

Chose your stone from this list:
Charms can be added comes with Black Silk cord.
Price: $5.00 no Charm $10.00 with artist wire for Gold or Stirling silver e-mail for price quote.
Charms available: Goddess, Sun, Moon, Not Pictured: Celtic Pentagram, Buddha, Celtic Knot, Dragon, Star of David, Fatima Hand, Skull, Bat, Spider, Witch Hat, Witch on Broom, Key antique brass or silver plated pewter, Caduceus Symbol.
All charms are Pewter unless you ask for Sterling Silver or gold plated these change the price.
E-mail us at or check later this week on our website for custom listing.

Click here to see more pictures.


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