Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goddess Tarot Bags

Well I have been working on these for some time, not to sure about them. SO I decided to post up my Work in Progress (WIP), which took me a year to find out thats what WIP stands for :)
Goddess Tarot Bag a start in the embroidery part.

Waiting to be stitched.

A doll pillow waiting to be finished, thinking of stuffing with herbs for a scented pillow.

Well thats what I have waiting to be finished, I was also thinking making ornament sets or something. What are your thoughts?

Here's a sneak peek in my first ring I was playing with one of my rose beads and some artist wire.

Have a great day everyone :)


  1. Nifty concepts! I adore the fact that you are constantly playing with new ideas.

  2. Thanks Denah
    I enjoy playing with ideas :)