Monday, July 19, 2010

Livingston Trade Days A win!

Well it was a very good weekend dispite the fact that I and my hubby had gotten sunburned.
It was very hot and humid weekend Texas has not seen this type of weather since 1818!
My adventure began last week when I pulled all my equipment out of storage. I had found that my canypy cover was runied. So Instead of dishing out money that I did not have I made a temperary cover out of my Queen size red sheet. It was hot under it but it did its job by protecting the items from Sun! I also used a screen walls that we had bought years ago it had never been out of the box until now. 
I used my Dragon Pennets on the corners as well as my hanging cauldron censors.

We did more sales at Livingston Trade Days compaired to Nacagdoches and Freedom Hill combined! By Sunday we were just a few bucks short of our booth fee! We will be going back in September, October and November. 
If your a handmade business we would like to get your Business cards so we can put them into our goody bags at these shows. We had satrted with 200 cards on Friday by Saturday evening we had run out! And from what we were told this past weekend was the lowest out come they have ever seen! In our book it was the best and we can not wait for cooler months to see the best! 
You Can contact us by E-Mail make sure you put Trade Days Promotions in the subject Line!!

More pics


  1. It's encouraging to hear that the event was successful for you. The booth looks great!

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