Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Is That?

Walking into my Display room I noticed something was different.
Sure enough there were these little fuzzy creatures all over the place.
They made themselves right at home, This is no good! So now up for adoption are these
fuzzy little critters!

Introducing the new members of The Sacred Oak
The Invasion!

Hiding in the Bath Salts!

Amongst the altar Items!

Amongst The Milk Bath!

Amongst the Jewelry!

I see you sitting there!

Trying to be sneaky eh?

Just sitting around

Nice place can I move in?


"You dont see me"

"Shh, maybe the human wont notice us!"

Too late Cerridwen Found you!

The rest are up for adoption, They come with Feeding and care instructions as well as an Adoption Certificate. Only a few have been found get yours soon!

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