Monday, February 8, 2010

Bath Gift Sets

We now have custom bath gift sets! 
Order yours for that special day, or even for the relaxing bath after a long day.

Fairy Bath Tea With meash draw string bag: Magical blend of Thyme, Mint, Sage, Bay Leaves, Oat Meal & Rosemary.
2 Pumpkin Spice Sea Salts
2 Black Opium Bath Salts
1 Peppermint spa soap
1 bar of Oat Meal Delight Soap
1 4oz cinnaberry votive
All placed in a recicled tea box that was decorated to look like an antique box. Very sturdy.
Your choice of ribbon: Red, Blue, Green or white

Ask us to make a special blend for your soap, bath salts, or even candle!

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