Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Customer Rewards

Have you signed up to our website? You haven't? Why?
We have created a very special program for our customers.
Loyalty Points and referral/sponsor points.

Loyalty points are accumulated with buying certain priced items. These points are converted to money which you can use as a voucher at checkout.
$5= 1 reward Point
1 point= $0.20 for the discount.

You can save them and use them later as a big discount or use them a little at a time.

Customer referral program

You referral a friend who signs up and places an order. Once they complete there first order you gain 1 loyalty point (0.20)
We ask that you do not spam people, and only invite those who would be interested in our website.

Remember the more you shop the more you save ;)

Keep your eyes peeled we will be having a contest very soon!

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