Friday, July 17, 2009

Tart or Tort?

That's the age old question about the wax tarts. My mom calles them Scent chips. We are not sure what to call them but they are wonderful for setting a nice feeling. So I decided to show what my Tarts/Torts/Scent Chips look like.
The one pictured to the left is Gardenia and that's the natural color of the palm wax. The slight color is from the anointing Oils we use. Yes we do use Scents as well abs the natural anointing oils. I had a bunch of Halloween treat bag's left over from my kids class room partys last year so I decided to Use those up. Made intreasting conversations at Freedom Hill Trade Days!
For this Melting dimistration I decided to go with a red tart that is scented with rain (so good!). I just love how this wax takes the colors they come out so vibrant, plus that crystal look is really neet in my own opinion! Each Bag is weighed to 6 ounces, which could mean quite a bit of our tarts for $5.00 a bag. Good deal? We would like to think so!
For this melting demo I am useing a ceramic oil warmer you can use an electric one, or even the soapstone ones we have in our online shop. Mmm that red is scrumptious! So to the left I have the rain scented wax cube in my ceramic oil warmer which rakes a tea light inside. Not sure if you can see the crystal look to well in this picture.
Once I lit the tea light it only took about 5 minuets for the wax to melt. this palm wax has a high heat rate and we find that it holds the scent/oils very well. The Scent will weakend within time and becuse of this we pour them as they are orderd. We try not to have too much in actual candle or Tart form. We know how much you all love strong smelling scents and doing it this way has given our customers what they want! Stron smelling candles and tarts!
So this is what it looks like about 5 minuets into the warming phase. It reminds me of some sort of horror movie where something is sinking in a vat of blood lol. (Yes willow has lost her mind, I mean my mind ;) )
At this point the scent is really strong as it is being released and its not mealted all the way. This expermint was done in our kitchen. My hubby could smell it at this phase about 10 feet away. The cealing fans and ac didnt help the kitchen table is under the ac vents and in the living room is big cealing fan that we have on high all year round. Our home isnt made for scent traveling which helps in the kitchen when i make these little lovelies.
The Pic to the left is just about 2 minuets later now its starting to mealt faster. Mealt baby mealt was all I could say at this point lol.

With it finnally mealted in about 8 minuets within 10 it was starting to spread into at least 3 rooms. Kitchen, Dinning where it was sitiing, and the edge of the living room. At this point all Ii really could think of was what a nice pool of blood, I mean wax! I had to use the flash for this visual.
So thats our tarts in a nutshell They arnt the dancy big rings or anything just squars of solid wax with your choice of color and aroma. These will be up on our main site in a few days but feel free to request a custom order! We do gladely take those!
Right pic is when the wax cools off and rehardens which takes about 20 minuets in about 2 hours you can pop it out. One tart is good for hours of heating or up to 3-4 2 hour heating intervils before the scent is totally gone. I usually let it mealt and add in a few drops of oil to re perfume it up. You can get oils from us as well. In this pic you can really see the crystalization process of the palm wax.

Did i mention we also give out a free tart with every order?

Have a great weekend!