Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nacogdoches Trade Days

We Spent fathers day weekend at Nacogdoches Trade Days. We were so excited to do our first show in years. We ended up having a miserable time. The weather was Hot, Humid and windy. Our booth location was a nightmare, low visibility bad crowd location. By the time people saw us they had allready spent theire money on food and beverages. At one point the hubby went waling around to talk to some of the other vendors. Most didnt even make theire booth fees let alone gas, food and lodging. We were in the hole with this show as well. We sold 3 low cost items and that was about it. We did get pics! We will be doing a diffrent show on The 4th of July weekend on Freedom Hill, which is located on hwy 59 just outside of Lufkin Texas going twords Nacogdoches.

to view more pics look at our facebook photo album or Myspace photo album

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