Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Spinning Wheel is The Oldest and Newest Way to Express Your Love of Arts and Crafts

The spinning wheel is a wonderful invention and no one person gets credited with inventing it. The art of creating yarn been transformed since the medieval times and many progresses and advancements have been made since then. And although there is more than one type of motorized thread available, you may choose to use the less advanced method of hand turning or using a foot pedal which may be a little slow but seems to hold a fascination or appeal. Often times at fairs or craft shows there are demonstrations that always draw large crowds to observe the marvel of spinning thread.

A first time buyer of a spinning wheel may want to take a more experienced buyer with you because inspecting the mechanisms of a spinning wheel can be very complicated and a beginner user may not know the best type to purchase so taking someone along who knows a lot about spinning wheels would be a good idea. Many parts of the wheel are made differently and what the parts are made of can be relevant to picking out thread manufacturing equipment. So contacting someone who is knowledgeable about arts and crafts and you feel that is qualified to give you advice on what to purchase is a great idea. You will want to get a good wheel to learn on, so that you can be accustomed to using the equipment without incident.

Using antique methods of crafting has an ethereal quality as if a person has gone back in time. It has a fairy tale existence that has managed to maintain its magic even in this day and age. It is captivating to watch someone work this old-fashioned type of equipment. Spinning wheels are enthralling and will lure people in and hold them captive while a thread is being spun. It is not only an appealing hobby but is very practical and learning to spin yarn can be a wonderful way for you to do something that will be very practical, skillful, and self sufficient. You can save money while doing a very relaxing pastime.

You will need to take great care to not hurt your spinning wheel, as some spinning wheels are very fragile and can be easily destroyed if you are not very careful with them. Remember that you are not supposed to polish the grooves where your brake bands are, however, you can polish the rest of the spinning wheel. Also, you should remember to never pick up your spinning wheel by the bench. Remember to also oil our wheel after you have used it for 2-3 hours and also when you change your bobbins. If you take excellent care of your spinning wheel it will provide hours of enchanting entertainment for you and anyone who watches.


  1. Good post about spinning wheels! I am also a spinner and first learned on a drop spinner. I have a Kromski Mazurka.

  2. Nice article! I have an older Haldane, an unidentified upright wheel, a Reeves, a charka and an antique great wheel that I use for spinning.

    From another Leslie!