Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Magickal Oak Tree

The oak is a tree with many ancient mythological and magickal associations. In the Alexandreian tradition of Wicca, the oak symbolizes the waxing year aspects of the Horned God. It was regarded as an "oracle tree" by the Greek philosopher Socrates, and as the most sacred of trees by the ancient Celtic Druids, who believed that the leaves possessed great supernatural powers to heal and renew strength. Acorns (the "fruit" of the oak tree) were eaten by the Druids in preparation for prophesying.
The ancient Romans also believed in the wondrous power of the oak tree, and to protect themselves against forces of evil, they wore wreaths made from oak leaves on their heads as protective crowns.
Human sacrifices were made to the Phoenician gos Baal "under every leafy oak" {Ezekial 6:13), and in Estonia, the blood of slaughtered animals was poured on Oak roots as a libation to the gods.
The oak is the traditional and essential wood used for Yule logs and Midsummer Night bonfires. Oak branches are used in Wiccan spells to attract good luck, and the bark from the tree is made into magickal incenses to honor the gods and goddesses to whom the oak tree is sacred. And in folk medicine, oak tea has been used to treat such ailments as pinworms, gallstones, loose teeth, and venereal disease.

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