Thursday, March 6, 2008

Websits, Features and FeaRings

A lot of new things are happening with The Sacred Oak. We are constantly up dating our website. Yes we have a website! We would love for you to visit, add your links in our Free Link Exchange and sign Our Guest book! To visit our website click here. Their is still lots that needs to be done but enjoy what is up and running. We plan to add the fallowing:
  • Accessory section
  • Armour Section
  • Incense, Oils, Herbs and Soaps Section
  • Gifts to give section
  • Order Form for you to print out
  • Cheek out buttons and options
  • A down loadable catalog/magazine This will be produced 4 times a year.

we have been featured by Wildwood's to read the article they did on us (mostly about Willow) click here. This interview has been done with great care, Carey did a fantastic job with the Blog post. I encourage all our readers to go visit it!

A while back we did a small mention on Serenity Soapworks. Well we are now doing a little more. A few days ago they had sent us some samples (A comepleat surprise since we said it wasnt necessary). I am glade they did! They sent some Soap and Solid Lotion, both are almond and they smell fantastic!. They are a small place in Tuscola Tx. I plan to order some soap from them in the future! To visit their shop click here.

Fantasy Artests of Etsy (FEA) has created a ring surf, to visit the ring simply click the FEA Ring on the right side, If you do not see it click here.

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  1. Armour, you say? =) I'm going to go check out your feature now. Congrats!